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Just trying to make the world a better place for the ferals, strays and homeless cats.


Our Story


My name is Michele Klein. My husband, my mother, and I live on 70 acres. We started helping cats on our property years ago and have since transformed our place into a safe haven for them. We currently care for 95 cats. All are spayed or neutered. All the cats have access to various outdoor buildings with food, water and heat. Although many stay indoors for the winter, some are happier outside. We have a 6 ft chain link fence with cat toppers that encloses approximately 3 acres for them. We work very hard to care for these cats and trust that the Lord will continue to provide for their needs as we continue to take in these beautiful souls.

     My mother, Karen, and my husband, Denis, work at our store, "Karen's Thrift & Gift" in Tunkhannock, Pa. I work at home for the store, so I can also oversee the cats and their needs throughout the day. All this keeps us very busy, so please understand that my workload is huge and I avoid phone calls and most social media when I can. I have a TikTok channel (link button above) that has videos of our cats and their stories.  Because many of our cats are seniors, ferals or handicapped, we are not accepting kittens or younger cats. I am only considering senior or handicapped cats, who are in desperate situations. Sadly, we cannot help everyone who reaches out for help asking us to take cats. There are just 3 of us here doing the work and I must be very selective who we take in until I can adopt some out. Thank you so much for understanding. We do have cats up for adoption, so if you are looking for a cat to love and care for, we may be able to find a match for you. We are beyond grateful for donations of any kind. We are not a business or organization. We are simply a family helping cats, so any checks sent should be made out to Michele Klein, and not to our sanctuary. I use all donations for vet appointments, cat supplies and improvements to the sanctuary. I have a Venmo account and there are other links above. Venmo uses my email If you cannot donate, saying a prayer for us is free and so appreciated. Our mailing address is at the bottom of this page. Thank you so very much and God bless you. 

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Featured Cat For Adoption


As a kitten, Socks was put in a microwave. She survived, but has some physical and emotional trauma. I am praying for a loving and patient person to give this girl the home she has always needed. Socks is spayed, is about 6 years old and is FIV and FeLV negative. She craves attention at times and will let you know when she wants to alone. She gets along well with other cats and likes to jump onto her humans shoulders for a ride. Please contact me if you feel you can give Socks the love she needs and a quiet and safe home to retire in.


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15 Morgan Lane Tunkhannock, Pa 18657

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